Surviving Cyclone Debbie!

My experience with Cyclone Debbie, a category four Cyclone that ripped through Queensland, Australia causing widespread damage and flooding.

4 Months in Australia – The Journey So Far

Four months ago, I took a deep breath and stepped onto a one-way plane to Australia. here’s the journey so far.

Adelaide’s not so bad!

There are many reasons why I like Adelaide and I’m going to show you why this city will always be special to me and why you should consider Adelaide should you ever tour this part of the world.

So, It’s decided. I’m going to travel the world!

Hello lovely people, If you haven’t discovered this already, I’ve been planning my world travels for a while now and I keep switching between ideas of what to do, but my general idea is to fly to Adelaide on a Working Holiday Visa, travel east, see some of Australia’s true wonders and then settle down to work to…