Cheap Easy Backpacker Meals

DISCLAIMER: Before you judge me, I’m by no means proclaim to be a excellent cook or a nutritional expert. I’m just your average backpacker who’s proficient at making things slightly edible and relatively healthy!

Over the past 6 Months travelling Australia, I’ve done my fair share of backpacker grazing. My goal was to eat as healthy as possible, as cheap as possible with minimal effort required.

CONGRATULATIONS! So you’ve arrived at the hostel, you’ve checked in, dropped your unnecessarily heavy bag off and the next mission is to feed your grumbling belly.

Now, you have a few options.

One – Lose any remaining self respect by taking your 3rd consecutive trip to McDonalds this week AND It’s only Monday!

Two – Commit to the tedious chore of going food shopping in a local supermarket.

Three – Raid the free food bin in the Hostel and whip together a Tomato sauce flavoured stale bun with a garnish of Salt and Pepper. Lovely.

Four – Starve yourself.

Considering were on a bit of budget here and ideally we want to eat as healthily as possible without breaking the bank, it’s probably best to go with Option Two.
So, to help you with ideas why not take a look at the BACKPACKER MENU for Cheap, Easy and *Relatively* healthy meals.

I spent far to long on this.

See larger image 

Do you have any ideas for my chef?
What do you eat whilst backpacking around the world?
Love to hear from my readers, drop a comment below!

Love you all.


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