Adelaide’s not so bad!

When I was in Amsterdam, I was speaking to an Aussie guy in my hostel. We got talking about travelling and I happened to mention that I was beginning my trip in Adelaide;

“Adelaide!? You dumb c*nt, why would you do that?”

Sorry for the profanity, but it was just the perfect statement. Not only a statement which summed up the Aussies love of the word c*nt, but a statement which sums up most people’s opinion of Adelaide.

Something that’s become apparent over the past week is that Adelaide isn’t a particularly popular tourist destination. I sort of knew this before I decided to visit, but even the locals seem bemused about tourists being here.

There are many reasons why I like Adelaide and I’m going to show you why this city will always be special to me and why you should consider Adelaide should you ever tour this part of the world.

Cleland Wildlife Park & Mt Lofty

Mt Lofty Lookout.jpg
Mt Lofty Lookout

Unfortunately, I didn’t spend as much time here as I would’ve liked as I was filming for YHA Hostel, but I can vouch for the views.

The breath-taking views from Mt Lofty overlook Adelaide from the Adelaide Hills. It can be reached within 25 minutes by car from the Adelaide CBD, or just over an hour by public transport. There’s also a nice hike from Waterfully Gully up to the summit of Mt.Lofty.

A friend of mine feeding a Kangaroo.

Another highlight was the Cleland Wildlife Park. Here’s where I got to feed Kangaroos, Emu’s and see a Koala! Not to mention the amazing scenery of the park too. You could easily spend a day exploring the park, just to note, there is an entry fee!

Rundle Mall

The famous Malls Balls of Rundle Mall.

Opened as Australia’s first pedestrianised mall in 1976, Rundle Mall is the main shopping hub of Adelaide. It’s full of shopping outlets, food stalls and street buskers. I found myself here pretty much every day, either eating food, browsing or generally people watching! Best of all, it was easy to get to!


The Jetty, Glenelg Beach.

A beautifully relaxed beach-side suburb of Adelaide, only 20 minutes or so from the CBD of Adelaide. Not only is it the location of a beautiful beach, but it’s home to a long  precinct of restaurants, pubs and clubs.

Glenelg was officially my first stop in Australia. I stayed at Glenelgs’ Beach Hostel which loacted around 200m from the beach front. It was the perfect relaxed introduction to Australia.

Check out my Review of Glenelg’s Beach Hostel Here!

Central Markets

Definitely worth a visit. An incredible food hub home to over 80 food stalls. The aromas and colours are just outstanding! Why not see for youself with my VLOG?

Adelaide Central YHA


A special shout out to the best Hostel in South Australia. I had THE best time here and met the most incredible people. The staff were almost the best thing about this hostel; not only were they perfectly accommodating, they mingled perfectly with the everyone who was staying there. The facilities were superb, I spent most of my time in the Common Room chatting with travellers from all over. They ran movie nights, pub crawls and ping pong tournaments. A sure visit if you’re looking for a great Hostel.

Botanical Garden & Zoo

So this was my first excursion in Adelaide. A beautiful walk through the Botanical Gardens followed by a visit to the Zoo. I know nothing about plants, but it was a great opportunity to unwind after a stressful journey from the other side of the world. The Zoo is a short walk through the park, so you might as well see the Meerkats whilst you’re there!


I was only in Adelaide for a short period of time, but from my time there I was taken back by the relaxed life style of the locals. Adelaide may get a lot of shit for being a boring city, but I for one think it was a great place to visit!

Thank-you for reading!


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  1. I can personally vouch for Adelaide’ all round awesomeness. Too often people look down there noses at it without knowing anything about the place. We may not have an Uluru ( although we do have Wilpena Pound) or Barrier Reef but South Australia has an awful lot to offer, I’ll never tire of it. Glad you enjoyed your visit 👍

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