Travel Vaccinations – Do I need them & What do I need?

So you’ve got your Visa, you’ve booked your flights and you’ve scoured the internet for the best travel insurance deal, next up is to grab your bag, head out the door and leave a cloud of dust in your tracks … But wait … there’s more.


“BE WISE. IMMUNISE” – A wise man

Seriously though, you don’t want any nasty virus’ to spoil your experience. If you’re doing the backpacking thing, make sure you do a little research about what Vaccinations you’ll need. I’d recommend booking an appointment with your GP, they’ll be able to give you some good advice!

So where can I get these vaccinations?

If you’re from the UK, the NHS can provide you with Hepatitus A, Typhoid and the combined Diptheria/Tetenus/Polio vaccination for FREE!!
If you require other vaccinations such as Rabies, Yellow fever or Hepatitus B you’ll need to see a travel clinic or the likes of Superdrug or Boots.

When do I need them?

Depending on what you need, the nurse usually likes to see backpackers 6-8 weeks before jetting off.

How much will it cost me?

Depends on what you need. As I mentioned, some are available on the NHS for free, but for others take a look here.

Will they hurt?

Nah you’ll be alright. Your arm(s) might ache a little after but that’s it.

What about Malaria?

Unfortunately there’s no vaccine for Malaria. I would suggest looking up malarial maps for your desired destinations. Travelling inland through rural areas via public transport carries greater risk compared to flying from city to city. Just ensure you take the necessary precautions to reduce getting bitten.

Here’s some handy advice and information on Malaria.

Prices of Malarials

Useful Links

Find an NHS GP near you – Click here
MASTA Travel Health (What vaccinations do I need?) – Click here
International Association for Medical Assistance – Click here
Fit For Travel: Travel health information for travelling from the UK – Click here


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