Diary Series #1: Fears of a novice traveller

We all encounter fear during our little lives. It plagues us on a daily basis, whether it’s driven from physical danger or emotional danger. Whether it’s the fear of being LATE on the first day of your new job, the fear that your best mate might actually kill you if they don’t slow down or the fear that you’ve forgotten to get your partner a birthday present! (For your sake guys, let’s hope it’s not the latter!)

Anyway, the thing is, everyone’s scared of something. The aim is to not let fear control you or your experiences.

I’ve always classed myself as a shy individual. I get quite anxious in social situations, I always say stupid things and I’m extremely ditzy. So naturally there’s few things that I fear for when I jet off around the world. I’m sure some of you can relate to my fears regardless if you’re a novice traveller or a experienced traveller.


1. Leaving a Partner behind.


A tough one here.

Many nights I lay awake unable to sleep, questioning if it’s the right decision. In fact, it’s probably one of the main arguments NOT to leave.

The fact is, it won’t be easy, life never is. But if you’re both willing to give it a real shot, you can definitely make it work. Forget the doubters, the haters, whatever you want to call them. You just have to believe in your relationship and you have to believe in each other. If you can make it through this, you can make it through anything! You might even be lucky enough to have them come and visit, or even come and join you on your adventure.

It’s important to remember why you’re travelling in the first place, keep motivated and remember to enjoy yourself, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


2. Making friends.

“Fear not, because every damn person there is just as strange as you are
and we’re all in the same boat”

If you’re like me, social interaction with strangers makes me a little anxious. I go all clammy and I say silly things. I think my main problem is that I forget your name as soon as you tell me, plus I have no idea what you’ve JUST said, so I just agree, laugh and nod. Great.

When you think about it, it’s not the thought of making new friends that’s scary, it’s the thought of rejection and humiliation. Fear not, because every damn person there is just as strange as you are and we’re all in the same boat. Now, It was so easy to type that, but the reality is, it’s a lot harder to action it. Take one of those brave pills and jump straight in, more often than not, people will be happy to speak to you. Trust me, you’ll laugh at yourself later on for being so ridiculous.

3. What if I hate it?

Expectation is something that’s let me down many times throughout my “career” I use the term “career” very loosely as I’m only twenty-two. For example; I always thought I’d follow in my fathers footsteps and become a motor vehicle technician/mechanic. After all; I have the perfect teacher, I absolutely love cars and I raced Karts as a hobby. I had the perfect foundations to become a great Motorsport Technician. However, after studying & volunteering, it broke my heart to find out I actually despise working on cars. I hated it. I was so sure that’s what I wanted to do in life, it threw me off and I felt lost.

“It’s probably just my fear gremlins playing silly buggers”

I’ve built this “Travelling Nomad” idea up in my head so much over the past couple of years, I’m actually petrified that I’ll end up hating it, just like I ended up hating being a technician. What if I can’t enjoy myself? I’ve put all this effort into this Blog, I’ve talked about travelling for months on end and I’ve saved all this money.

Hopefully it’s not all for nothing. It’s probably just my fear gremlins playing silly buggers, mainly because I’ve actually found something that I absolutely love again.

The important thing is that you’ve given it a go and made the most of the opportunity. At the end of the day we can only try ehy?


4. Running out of money.

Money management, now that’s something that should be taught on the curriculum.

We always here of those people who travel to Oz, go nuts, get drunk every night and blow all their money in one month. I don’t think I’m THAT bad, but I’m by no means a great saver. I think I’m a good budgeter, but sometimes I do like to indulge.

I know, the temptation can be too much. New people, new place and fun times. But do you really want to be explaining to your friends and family why you’re coming back so soon?

Booo, No way!

Be strict, but not too strict, be sensible and realistic. Have fun nights out, meet new people, but remember you’ve still got this huge trip planned! Don’t waste it!

For those who are travelling to places such as Oz, NZ or Canada. Why not travel on a Working Holiday Visa and work whilst you’re away, just to top up your savings, that way you’ll be able to make your adventure go further.


5. Safety.

Obviously safety for yourself and your belongings is paramount.

I really feel for the solo female travellers out there. I know a lot of females who’d love to travel, but are too frightened to do so on their own, purely because they wouldn’t feel safe. If you are a female and you’re thinking of taking the solo plunge, please, please do not be put off travelling. The world can be a dangerous place, but there’s ways to minimise the risk. It’s all about being cautious, planning your adventures and trusting your instinct.

As for your belongings, keep them supervised or safely secured. Always make copies of your documents, it’s a good practice to save them to the cloud.

6. Loneliness.

I feel as if I’m quite comfortable in my own company. But there’s always a limit before you get sick of your own thoughts.

If you’re travelling solo, you will experience loneliness at some point. End of.
It’s inevitable. But don’t feel down about it, you’re allowed to feel lonely, it’s perfectly natural. We’ll miss our loved ones at times and you may even go day’s without having a decent conversation with somebody. A part of travelling is finding and learning about yourself. Plus, if you’ve taken my advice from Point #2, you’ll know that you just have to take the plunge and spark up a conversation with someone.

Staying in hostels is a great way to make friends, they’re a great social hub for all travellers. Have a few beers, swallow your sorrows and get involved!

Happy Travels!

Got any fears of your own? Leave a comment below! 



4 Comments Add yours

  1. I have the same fears 😦 Hopefully it’ll turn out okay!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It will be what you make of it. Conquering these fears and challenges are what it’s all about!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. theholiad says:

    This post is great, I’ve been feeling similar things as my departure date comes up, so reassuring to read this and know that I’m not the only one!


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