8 Reasons why Hostels are better than Hotels.

There are many reasons why I personally prefer staying in Hostels compared to Hotels, but because I don’t have all day, here’s 8 reasons.

They’re cheaper!

Yes, yes I know… hostels can be expensive too! If you’re clever with your research you can find some great deals. Hostels can be extremely cheap if you opt for shared dorms instead of a private room. I know it can be noisy and smelly, but if you’re on a budget and you just need to get your head down, it’s a great way to save money.


From my experience, many hostels ensure that there are beds available for travellers who may arrive on the day. Just be sure to arrive early as they’re snapped up rather quickly!

Meeting new people!


Sometimes travelling isn’t about what you’ve seen or done, It’s about who you’ve met and connected with. The friendly and social atmosphere is a huge benefit of staying in a hostel. Hostel goers tend to be extremely friendly and are often up for talking about their travels. It’s also an excellent opportunity for solo travellers to make connections or friends. Hang around the bar, in the common room or in your dorm, you’re bound to strike up a conversation with someone. What’s your name, where are you from and where are you going next?

Hostel Events!

If you’re lucky enough, your hostel may hold special events such as live music, pub crawls or even a hostel party. These events are often great for breaking the ice and making social interaction easier, especially when the alcohol is flowing.

Common Areas!

We’ve all been bored in a hotel room at some point, you know what I mean. Tediously flicking through the free TV channels, taking a shower for something to do and often succumbing to sleep due to relentless boredom. Thankfully, hostels usually have common areas where you’re lucky enough to chill with other like minded travellers. Grab a drink at the bar, cook some food or play some pool, there’s always something to do!

Great Locations!

railwayhostel sydney

Hostels are usually quite centralised, or at least very near to popular attractions. Not only that, but sometimes you can find hostels in some truly breath taking locations. Being a hostel, it also gives the owner freedom of being quite creative with the design making them very unique and full of character,such as the Railway Square Hostel in Sydney, Australia (above)

Meal Time!


Most hostels will have a shared kitchen where you can prepare and cook your own food. Not only is it cheaper than eating out every night, It’s a great opportunity to meet people and share meals. Most hostels also tend to provide a free breakfast service, so fill your boots and make the most of the free food.

The Staff!

One World Hostel

Let’s face it, hotel receptionists or hosts really couldn’t care about who you are or what you do. Through no fault of their own, they tend to be extremely false and robot like. The great benefit to staying in a hostel is that most hostel workers tend to be like-minded travellers, so they’re full of local knowledge and interesting stories. On many occasions I’ve had hostel staff sit down, have a beer and join in on the conversations. A much more genuine experience! They often provide you with free maps or discounted tours too! So why not try a Hostel for a real authentic travelling experience?


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