7 reasons why I want to travel.

There are so many reasons why a person should take the plunge to travel, so here are a few of mine.

  1. To escape the British weather!
    o-BRITISH-WEATHER-facebook.jpgFor those of you who have lived in the UK or have stayed here long enough to experience it, you’ll know exactly where I’m coming from. Us Brits obsess over our Bi-Polar British weather, it’s all we ever talk about. It’s used to start conversations and fill awkward silences. “The weathers perked up hasn’t it?” Quite frankly I’m sick of it. An average of 120 days of rain per year, 1460 sunlight hours per year and an average temperature of 9°C. Not exactly a tropical paradise is it?If you’re anything like me, the weather affects my mood significantly, I like to see Blue skies and fluffy clouds. I’m growing tired of waking up to grey skies, cold temperatures and light drizzle. Nothing kills your mood like light drizzle. Get me out of here and pass the factor 50 please!!


  2. To challenge myself.
    Challenge yourselfWho doesn’t like to challenge themselves? We’ve all pushed ourselves at some point in our lives, whether it’s running the London marathon or losing that Christmas belly, It’s completely relative. We all experience that euphoric sense of achievement after completing something truly challenging. Something we thought was completely impossible and eventually you manage to conquer it. The whole idea of Travelling the world for me at least presents a whole host of different challenges. How am I going to budget it? How will I find A job? Will I make it back alive? How long will my money last? These of course are the predictable challenges, but as we all know, life likes to throw a curve-balls at us and you’re never to far from a complete disaster. But isn’t the challenge what makes the adventure so satisfying?


  3. To conquer my Social Anxiety.
    Anxiety.jpgI guess this leads on from my previous point, but for those of you who suffer from anxiety know how difficult it can be to live with. I tend to over think certain situations and consequently end up getting worked up about the smallest of things. “What If they don’t like me?” “What if I say something stupid?” These thoughts from my anxiety gremlin often stop me from trying to integrate with strangers. I’ve always been a shy person, somewhat of an introvert and it’s always taken a bit of social lubrication (alcohol) to pluck up the courage to talk to someone completely new. Travelling alone will certainly force social situations and I think it’ll help me dearly.


  4. To experience new cultures.
    Holi.jpgIsn’t this a given? I mean, I’m sure this is why a lot of people go travelling in the first place. To experience something they’ve never experienced before. To be thrown into the complete mayhem of an alien culture, not knowing how to speak a word of their language or know what the hell is going on. But isn’t that apart of the fun? You have to start relying on your gut feeling and your common sense. I’ve always been intrigued to how other cultures function as opposed to our own. Being subjected to the western culture for so long, it’ll be nice to truly experience how other people live their day to day lives. There are so many benefits to exploring a new culture. You get to try their local dishes, you’ll learn their customs and values, all of which you’ll never learn by reading a book or by scrolling through facebook.


  5. To witness breathtaking sights.
    Sights.jpgApparently not many people know this, but there are some extremely beautiful sights out there! You just have to peer up from your Smart Phone to see them!
    From witnessing a sunset on the white sandy beaches of Thailand, to experiencing the breathtaking mountain ranges of New Zealand. Our planet is so diverse and it makes for some great scenery. Each continent is full of extremely beautiful natural phenomenon’s, along with human architecture that dates back thousands of years. Who in their right mind would miss an opportunity to see such things?

  6. To not miss the opportunity.
    waving-goodbye-at-kathmandu-airportAs I look around my family and friends, people are settling down, developing careers, buying houses, getting married and having babies. Personally I cant think of anything worse right now, but I respect their life journey’s and their decisions. One day I’m sure I’ll do the same, albeit, minus the babies and marriage! Anyway. I had a little meltdown one evening about my life prospects. What do I want to do with my life? You know what, to this day I still have no idea, but I know for sure that I want to take an opportunity like this whilst I can, whilst I have next to no responsibilities. Time is ticking and as we know there are age restrictions to certain working holiday visa’s, so for me I don’t know when I’m next going to get an opportunity to do something like that. I’m young, relatively fit and healthy, so why not?


  7. For some ME time.
    An-Empty-Departures-Hall-In-Terminal-1-Of-Manchester-AirportWhether it’s alone time from my parents or my friends, some ME time wouldn’t go amiss. Perhaps jetting off around the world is a little excessive for just some ME time, but I think travelling solo will do wonders. It’s a daunting prospect when you think about it, but if you think about it too much it’ll never happen. I love my parents dearly, and I can’t thank them enough over the years for the support and guidance but I’m sure some of you with sympathize with me. Living with parents definitely has it’s challenges, especially when it concerns personal space and privacy! But hey, I’m not complaining, they’ve provided me with food, clean clothes and a loving home for Twenty-One good years. They’re entitled to piss me off, it’s only fair! However, I believe it’s time to discover some true independence and to give myself a little freedom. I feel by setting out solo it’ll help me understand myself a little more, it’ll give me time and space to think for myself.Friends, now this is something which hadn’t hit home straight away. The fact that I’d be leaving some very close friends behind for what might possibly be the pest part of year. I’ll miss being able to instantly message my best friend and within 30 minutes or so being able to hang out. I guess it’s all about comfort zones again. We get comfortable with friends, but the truth is, there’s so much out there and it would be a shame to miss it, just because you’re scared of leaving your friends behind.Do you have any reasons of your own? If so, why not drop a message below!

    Thanks for reading!



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