So, It’s decided. I’m going to travel the world!

australia-victoria-great-ocean-roadHello lovely people,

If you haven’t discovered this already, I’ve been planning my world travels for a while now and I keep switching between ideas of what to do, but my general idea is to fly to Adelaide on a Working Holiday Visa, travel east, see some of Australia’s true wonders and then settle down to work to fund my further travels over to South East Asia.
I’m sure people who are or have been in the same position as me can relate to how I’m feeling right now. I’ve been furiously Googling and searching on forums for months to see whether it’s a sensible idea to drop everything here in the UK and travel half way around the world to do something completely different – to step out of my snug albeit boring routine and to push the boundaries of my comfort zone. At times it feels daunting, but I’m so excited to go it alone and do something for myself.

Travel is all I think about right now, I’m currently watching “Departures” on Netflix, I’m reading “How Not To Travel The World” by Lauren Juliff and I can’t thank “PsychoTraveller” enough for her Blog and Youtube Channel. Excuse the name drop, but genuinely I’ve been so close to giving up as the dream just seems so unachievable, and these things have given me hope and kept my spirits high. I guess all that is good is never easy.

I’m at the annoying stage of budgeting my finances for my travels and trying to save as much as I can. Of course life gets in the way and savings can diminish. I’ve never been good at saving, terrible actually. But I’ve got a goal and a dream to aim towards and I’m determined to blog to you guys from the other side of the world having achieved my dream.

Peace to you all!


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